About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2002, The Egyptian Saudi Company is specialized in recruiting the top-notch Egyptian workers of high expertise to the labor market in the middle east. Supplying a team with the highest profile of expertise, from the medical field, to the oil and gas, educational and engineering, the company gained its trust in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia besides some other gulf countries.

The company is determined to extensively invest in the Egyptian labor market with the intention of establishing confidence in our credibility.

The company is equipped with professionals in managing international relations adequately with an emphasis on customer service.

We have been agents for leading organizations in the Middle East, such as Saipem and Snanmprogetti (one of Eni’s subsidiaries) in the oil and gas sector, Abdullah Al Othaim Markets in the retail sector and Suliman Habib Hospital in the medical Sector.

Message from the CEO

I am extremely determined to offer our clients a gainful opportunity for investment and recruitment in different sectors. The company acts as a medium for professional laborers to express their fullest potential to pursue the desired careers in the contemporary market.

Hany Hammam


Our Mission


  • Provide employers with the relevant workers to fulfill their desired needs of labor.
  • Provide a gainful opportunity for job seekers a career in leading organizations.
  • Boost international relations between Arab countries through providing human
  • Become one of the leading organizations to recruit professional employees


Our Vision


  • Extensively increasing the company’s credibility by promoting relationships with
    leading organizations in the region.
  • Promote relationships between job seekers and prospective employers to pursue
    distinctive and desired careers.
  • Remain ambitious, enthusiastic and distinctive to reach the longed-for goals.

Our Values


  • Customer Experience: Provide potential employers with the most adequate customer experience in the optimum economical way as we emphasize on customer satisfaction. Our HR specialists are dedicated to conduct the process of CV screenings and interviews to increase efficiency.
  • Integrity: We operate with the highest ethical standards and have no tolerance for violations in integrity.
  • Enthusiasm: What drives the company for ultimate success is the thirst of our employees to establish long term distinctive business relationships.
  • Innovation: We are constantly improving to follow the international technological and industrial advancements.


What makes the Egyptian Saudi Company distinctive?


  • Accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower and Immigration.
  • Long professional experience in selecting the relevant employees.
  • Wide database of professionals.
  • Investing in reliable marketing solutions to facilitate communication.
  • Strong domestic and international relations.
  • Reliable ability to evaluate first rounds of applicants.
  • Provide meeting halls for potential employers to conduct screenings and interviews for prospective workers.
  • Strong relationship with Egyptian Airports and ability to provide offices in Cairo International Airport and Borg El Arab Airport.