Our goals

The company follows an organized work plan according to a schedule and starts from entering the job applicant (in all its specialties) to the company, as well as from receiving the employer s requests for the required employment. . It begins with the following:

1- Upon entering the student or sending his papers to the company, his documents shall be submitted to a specialized committee for examination.

2 - If the acceptance of his papers are filled out a request for employment.

3 - Registration of student work data in the official records, and are recorded on the database on the computer after classification, and then save the papers in the files of the company.

4. When the employer asks for any job, the competent staff will process and send the data or CVs of the appropriate persons by facsimile or courier to the employer to make the initial selection and inform us of those chosen by him.

5. The employer shall set a date for his arrival or his representative for the work of the interview. He can authorize the company to do the interview with her knowledge. . This is done by a committee of the company and under the supervision of a specialized consultant in each field.

6 - After the selection begins the steps of travel, is notified to the selected to prepare the required papers, namely:

1- Passport: It takes two to three days to extract it

2 - the origin of the card + a picture of it 3 - the number of 2 personal photos

4- The criminal case newspaper, which takes two to three days

5 - Health certificates and takes two weeks to extract

6 - Scientific certificates certified and certified by the Secretary General of the University and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and takes 15:10 days

7 - Certificate of experience documented by the external (in parallel with the scientific certificates)

8 - Enter the previous papers to the embassy to obtain the visa, and takes about a week. These measures take about 45 days.


The company has entered into several contracts with many of Egypt s luxury 5-star hotels in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria, in order to facilitate booking for the company s customers coming to contract with the company with an exceptional discount rate, whether or not Reservation for an Egyptian, Arab or foreign customer. Among these hotels in Cairo:

Sheraton Cairo Hotel

2- Sheraton Heliopolis Hotel & Tower

3 - Hilton Ramses Hotel

Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel

5 - Meridian Hotel

Marriott Hotel


Alexandria hotels

Sheraton Montazah Hotel

Helnan Palestine Hotel

3- Paradise Inn Hotel

4 - Salamak Palace Hotel

5 - Ramada Hotel

6- Hotel Cecil

The company is also ready to make flight reservations, through its excellent relations with airlines and tourism offices. The company can also send one of its representatives to receive its customers at Cairo International Airport or at Nozha International Airport in Alexandria.

Welcome to our client anywhere. Welcome to our beloved Egypt and offices of the Egyptian Saudi Company.