About us

Our company has specialized in the field of human resources with a long experience from the other distinguishes in their counterparts in the labor market, we have a team with the highest level of expertise in all the different sectors( Medical - Technical –educational - Engineering - Training ).

Our Mission
"Helping both of the employers and the job seekers to achieve their desire of a constant search for the best, we should always remain at the forefront by providing the best service as soon as possible."

Our Vision
"Achieving excellence in the various levels of action, opening prospects for new markets work through outstanding team and our belief that human resources has become one of the most important factors that contribute to the renaissance of paper any facility subject to the availability of people trained efficient and high expertise to suit the nature of the work assigned to them has we endeavored to search for the best human elements, which will be raising constructions, which operates At the same time the personal development of their skills. "

Our Guide in Disitinction
Take Egyptian-Saudi company a variety of actions in all stages of the work prelude to attract job applicants and then screened them
To classify according to their qualifications and experience, abilities and make interviews and nominations initial and follow-up measures for those who have been nominated in the final as well as the procedures after their visas and even the arrival of their work place.

Why Egyptian Saudi CO
1. Long experience in the field of employment made us attracting the finest job seekers.
2. We have a huge database in all areas of work base.
3. We have the ability to choose and evaluate applicants from job seekers to recognize the appropriateness of their abilities, experience and qualifications of the nature of the work by a group of consultants and experienced within the company or through specialized centers
4. We have an internal marketing department forces capable of providing all the necessary resources in various fields.
- Home Services:
* Recruitment.
* Training.
* Measure skills.
* Provide human resources consulting.
5. We have strong domestic and international communications network.
6. Use of modern technology in all group departments of computers and supply him offer a visual and audio technology and the Internet.
7. Contractors with the most widespread official major newspapers to attract resources from all disciplines.

The Mechanism to deal

• Develop an action plan for each client containing specific dates to meet client requirements from the date of the arrival of the request until the arrival of the candidates for the seat of their work.
• Conduct interviews, according to the desire of the Committee on the interviews, both at the company where they are fully equipped for interviews, halls or hotels in Cairo.
• Follow all procedures for the candidates even enroll them work and benefit the business owners periodic reports to follow the evolution of the proceedings from the beginning and even the arrival of their work place.

 Egyptian Saudi Company Is Characterized by Diversity

- Search through electronic data in the company s base
- Participating in shows different employment
- Publication of advertisements in the biggest newspapers
- Foreign shopping visits
- The location of the company
- Representatives of the company in all the governorates of Egypt